Toine Muona

maandag 18 december 2017

Toine Muona 1904-1987

Toine Muona works for the Arabia China Factory like so many other Finnish ceramic artists.

Spontaneity of auction and sensitiveness of mind are characteristics of her
Here artistic vocation became clear to here very early.
Now the enthousiasme of youth has changed into systematic creative work, but is still
exspressed by an ability to invent something new all the time.

Toine Muona has made a great contribution to the high standard of Finnish ceramics art.
Her motifs of vase design vary from classic forms to the shapes of a straw, a tree branch or a stone.

Here colours seem to have grown from nature itself.
Sometimes they are suggestive of tarnished copper, sometimes of the red of the setting.

Arabia factory 1931-1970