Textiel museum

zondag 22 juli 2018

Last year we have been asked by the Textielmuseum Tilburg to provide pieces of our own collection on loan for their recently opened exhibition Simply Scandinavian | Nordic Design 1945 - 2018. We were honored by this request and last week we were invited to be at the grand opening of this beautiful exhibition. This exhibition exposes some furniture, glass and ceramics, but the main essence of this exposition is textile from Finland, Denmark and Sweden from 1945 to the present. The pieces we have provided on loan are a bowl by Kaipiainen, a bowl by Stig Lindberg, some pieces of Dora Jung and a Ryijy by Eva Brummer.
Furthermore, the exhibition exposes textile by Werner Panton for Mira x and the Danish company Hay and Kvadrat. Swedish pieces are represented by Elsa Gullberg, Astrid Sampe, Stig Lindberg and Josef Frank and Finnish pieces by Marimekko with amongst others the designers Maija Isola and Armi Ratia and Tampella with Dora Jung.
We were especially impressed by the work of the several young Finnish artists and in particular by Kustas Saksi, of whom you can see two amazing tapestries in the video: Herbarium of Dreams and the blue carpet of waterplants made for Marimekko.