Rut Bryk Mother and Child

maandag 25 maart 2019

Rut Bryk
After Mother and Child and Braided Madonna
Bryk created a group of free - standing figures depicting
the same theme.The stout forms and inflected colours of
these ‘earth mothers’ are reminiscent of Byzåntine icone.
Bryk worked on these pieces in the family’s second home in Käpylä
which they rented from Ilmari Tapiovaara while he was in the
United States.
Rut Bryk had Made 9 pcs of the large Mother and Child sculptures.
1 pcs 1952
2 pcs 1953
1 pcs 1954
2 pcs 1955
2 pcs 1956
1 pcs 1958
Design museum Helsinki
We are proud to be able to offer one of these scultures in our gallery