Kirsti Ilvessalo

zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Here we have the Ryijy Black Woodpecker (Polokarki)
This Ryijy designed in 1954 and woven at FFH.
In 1947 she became the head of the FFH weaving department,but started
her own weavery in 1952 in Helsinki.
In this model the fire-red rhomeboid pattern resembles the archaid net design.
Typically of the artist some of the turquoise rhombs in the middle glow like jewels.
This model recieved a Grand Prixs in the X Milan Triƫnnale in 1954.
The following year it was purchased by the Victoria and Albert Museum In Londen.
(The Ryijy-Rug Lives On) Tuomas Sopanen and Leena Willberg.