Tapio Wirkkala

zaterdag 1 april 2017

Tapio Wirkkala the eminent designer in other fields and a Usher of sheath-knives
from childhood.
The Wirkkala sheath-knive is manufactured in two sizes, the smaller for fine
carving and the larger for cruder work as a general-purpose camping knive.
The materials were chosen for ideal durability-the blade in tough white stainless steel,
and the handle in a nylon more durable than wood.
The blade will remain in place for the lifetime of the owner- brass projections on both
sides of the handle add durability.
The well-balanced proportions of this puukko knive are reminiscent of sculpture ,
its elegance and uncompromising line are characteristic of Wirkkala design in general.
In it the main stylistic features of the Finnish puukko knive are retained in their purest form.
Thanks to its design the new Wirkkala puukko fulfils its function more affectively and
and economically than its predecessors.
To give one example ,the process of whittling is aided by the gradually sloping lines
of the back of the blade narrowing towards the point.
The leather sheath is well adapted to the calm elegance of the puukko knive,
which was a silver medal winner at the Milan Triƫnnale of 1964.
The only decorative feature in the sheath is the trace of a running bear,
which has a symbolism of its own.
The surface of the sheath has been darkenend by treatment with bear grease - a symbol
of magic and manliness in old Finnish mythology.
(Designed in Finland 1965)